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Title 2021

Get the past year Represent issues you missed, available in full year bundles.

Represent focuses on writing, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, oral communication, critical thinking and social emotional skills to prepare students for success in the GCE O Level English examination and beyond. Suitable for Lower Secondary students and older.

Special Edition Issues with renewed case studies of past issues' themes

Issue 01 | The Special Changemaker Edition  How can we be the change we wish to see in the world? Discover how we can showcase strength and solidarity in the face of tragedy. 

Issue 02 | The Special Environment Edition  What does climate change have to do with us? Learn more about the victories we have achieved, the challenges we face as well as developments shaping the future of our environment. 

Issue 03 | The Special Technology Edition  How has technology changed the way we interact with the world? Discover how we can navigate the wonders and pain points of technology. 



Issue 01 | Never work a day Find a job you love and you will never work a day. With the rise of social media influencers, the line between work and play is becoming less clear. Does turning play into work or work into play really work out? Join us as we explore the difference between work and play.

Issue 02 | A price to pay Inventions such as the plastic bag have greatly benefitted our lives, but they have also led to pollution. What do we destroy when we create something new? Discover how we can mend our relationship with the environment through science and technology.

Issue 03 | Born this way What do you look like, and what do you like? How much of your identity is determined from birth, and how much of it is shaped by your environment? Rediscover what makes you who you are!



Issue 01 | Stranger Than Fiction Which recent scientific discoveries seem too strange to be true? What exciting possibilities can science and technology create for our future? Journey with us as we explore the strange and surprising world of science and technology!

Issue 02 | Larger Than Life Which influencers and what are some trends we must we not miss out on? How does the media impact how we see ourselves and the people around us? Come along with us to learn about the exciting world of the media!

 Issue 03 | Waste Not, Want Not What does climate change have to do with us? How can we inspire people to make a positive impact on the health of planet Earth? Learn more about our hopes for a better future for our shared environment!



Issue 01 | ME-dia: My Online Persona  Come along with us and discover another side of our world as we look at the impact of the media. Learn about pros and cons of online personas, ways to express our emotions, the influence of the media in our lives and more!  

Issue 02 | Labels are for Food, Not People  Modern society places many labels on us. It is difficult to feel that we can pursue our dreams when others are constantly telling us who we are and what we should do. Discover stories of people who have overcome their labels and learn how you can do so too! 

Issue 03 | Food, Air, Water and My Phone  Technology should improve your life, not become it. However, in the digital age, it may be easy to lose sight of ways we can keep technology in check. Join us in learning how we can develop a better relationship with technology and social media!  

Issue 04 | Change Maker or Trouble Maker: What's My Place in Society?  How can we make a positive difference in society? Sometimes, all we need is a little bit of compassion and a shift in perspective to make a change. Discover different stories that help us to understand different conditions that shape people.