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Present Perfect Full Year Bundles

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Year 2021

Get the past year Present Perfect issues you missed, available in full year bundles.

[Please note that the 2020 Full Year Bundle is a preorder item and the waiting time will be about 3 to 4 weeks from your date of purchase] 


Issue 01 | Survival   From livestreamed classes to changing realities. As youth living through disruption, find out how we may better make sense of complexity and our place in the world.

Issue 02 | Passion  From our hobbies to our dream jobs. As digital natives in a fast, evolving landscape, find out what it can mean to pursue our desired paths in a world that needs our creative solutions.

Issue 03 | Freedom  From our voices to our shared future. As individuals in a global, interconnected community, find out what it can look like to develop our unique identities while collaborating with others to work towards common goals.

Issue 04/05 | Essay  Expository, recount, argumentative, narrative, hybrid, situational. This issue provides writing skills and model essays for the 2020 GCE O Level paper. 


2020 [Preorder]

Issue 01 | Mania From football to K-pop. What drives us crazy and makes us hold our breath? This issue looks at the people and the trends that excite, divide and unite us.

Issue 02 | Money From your screen to your pocket. What does money mean to us? Who and what gives money power over us? This issue looks at money and its effect on our lives. 

Issue 03 | Conflict From street protests to war. What drives people apart? What creates villains and enemies? This issue looks at conflict in the technological age. 

Issue 04/05 | Essay  Expository, recount, argumentative, hybrid, situational. This issue offers writing skills and model essays for the 2019 GCE O Level paper.

Issue 06 | Future From 2020 to 2050. What does the future hold for you, your friends and your loved ones? This issue explores our thoughts, aspirations, and fears for the future.


Issue 01 | Work   From ideas and inventions to revolutions.This issue highlights the technological and digital disruptions of today transforming the work of tomorrow.

Issue 02 | Influencer  From leaders and teachers to influencers.This issue looks at the people around us who lead the way in shaping the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours of the rest of us.

Issue 03 | Green  From dollar bills to landfills.This issue explores relationships between environmental and economic concerns, and what the future holds for our world.

Issue 04/05 | Essay  Expository, recount, argumentative, hybrid, situational. This issue offers writing skills and model essays for the 2018 GCE O Level paper.

Issue 06 | Identity  From 1819 to 2019 — a 200-year odyssey. This issue commemorates Singapore’s bicentennial milestone and what this means for our identities, communities and nation.



Issue 01 | Trendsetter  Inventions, trends, revolution. This issue will highlight the different influencers of today and take you through how they are helping to shape our tomorrow.

Issue 02 | Gamer  Monopoly, Super Mario, Call of Duty.This issue will look at the different games we play, from video games to the game of life, revealing the challenges that come hand in hand and the biggest takeaways from tackling them

Issue 03 | Extra-ordinary  Mundane, mainstream, marvellous. This issue will cover the seemingly ordinary people, things, and places around us and uncover the extraordinary in them

Issue 04/05 | Essay  Narrative, argumentative, situational.This issue will offer writing skills and model essays for the 2017 GCE ‘O’ Level paper.

Issue 06 | Cities  New York, Singapore, Amsterdam.This issue will explore cities of the future and the cutting edge innovations implemented to thrive in our ever-changing and ever-unpredictable world.



Issue 01 | Gen Z  From Snapchat to being on fleek, this issue highlights the challenges and assumptions that young people face today. #thestruggleisreal

Issue 02 | Food  From burgers to religion, this issue expands our understanding of food – be it food for our bodies, our thoughts, and our souls

Issue 03 | Invisible  From secret agents to forgotten communities, this issue uncovers what often goes unnoticed by the world, what is often unsaid, and celebrates humble work that is often overlooked

Issue 04/05 | Essay  From writing’s biggest tips to its greatest no-nos, this issue offers writing skills and model essays for the 2016 GCE ‘O’ Level paper.

Issue 06 | Red  From blood to fire, this issue reveals how the colour red has had its place in culture, romance, and war through history.