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Broader Perspectives 2023 Subscription

The magazine that examines current affairs through a local lens.

Recommended for Junior College students and young adults


Present Perfect 2023 Subscription

Present Perfect is back with an exciting line up for 2023!

Recommended for Secondary School students


Represent Hybrid Magazine

Take on world issues one fight club at a time.

Edition 1 to 8 available now!

Recommended for Secondary School students


Our Magazines

Broader Perspectives

is a magazine that allows GCE 'A' Level GP students to examine current affairs through a local lens.

Presented as a hybrid reading experience that offers print and digital perspectives, the magazine comes in print publications, digital formats, along with other online features like the Topic Library and Skills Bank.

Present Perfect

is a magazine aimed at helping Upper Secondary GCE ‘O' Level students engage with the world to find relevance and joy in learning.

The magazine equips students with the knowledge they need to navigate the world, through scaffolded learning content in print, followed by learner-centred online resources.


is a digital-first zine that encourages secondary school students to navigate the world better with exploratory multi-perspective stories.

With each edition framed as a Fight Club, the zine's print reading companion and main digital reading experience enable students to check out different issues, find their footing and take their stance.