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Broader Perspectives 2022 Subscription

Meet our magazine that examines current affairs through a local lens.


Present Perfect 2022 Subscription

We're exploring everything from the climate to the frontiers.


Represent 2022 Subscription

Explore the world via fight clubs — find your footing and take
your stance. Stay tuned for more subscription details.


Our Magazines

Broader Perspectives

is a magazine aimed at helping GCE ‘A’ Level students and young adults deepen and hone their critical thinking skills.

Through the discussion of real-world issues from multiple angles, the magazine guides readers in making meaning in a complex world.

Present Perfect

is a magazine aimed at helping Upper Secondary GCE ‘O' Level students learn and hone writing and reading skills needed for their examination and beyond.

Through themes relevant to youths and exciting stories, the magazine encourages readers to be bold, take risks and celebrate their individuality.


is a magazine aimed at helping Lower Secondary students preparing for the GCE 'O' Level English Language examination.

Through the breaking down of complex ideas and technical grammar language rules, the magazine helps readers to improve their core language skills in a fun and creative way.

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